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Charter Airplane Versus Private Ownership

Perhaps you have wondered why people would rather use a charter airplane when they obviously could easily buy their own. The answer lies in a few facts that may not be so well known by lay people regarding aircraft.

First off is the fact that your plane has to hang around somewhere when not in use. So it needs a hangar, and having a plane stand in a hanger, on call for when it is required, can cost the same amount over a few years as what was paid for the plane. No matter where a plane is hangered or is it hung? The meter will be running and the costs can be staggering.

Secondly is the maintenance bill. Aviation control bodies have a huge amount of prescribed and mandatory routine maintenance which planes have to go through before any flight. Now you are looking at super expensive technicians who run the maintenance bill up into hundreds of thousands per annum, as required by the FAA.

In the case where some or other maintenance reveals a problem, it must be fixed before the plane will be allowed to take off again. As expected this can cost much more than a years worth of charter airplane trips, it just depends on what the problem is.

Fuel prices have never been more unstable all over the world. Fuel cost can rise by as much as 15% during a flight as the price may fluctuate without notice or warning. As a private owner you are not allowed to store massive amounts of fuel, so you have to pay the price as stipulated when and where you want to fly.

Crew for privately owned aircraft must often to be placed on permanent payrolls to ensure their availability. No use owning your own plane, but nobody to fly it for you!! To keep a permanent crew will cost even more than buying a new plane every single year. Crew also includes hostesses, ground staff and luggage handlers, not only pilot and co-pilot – costs which are usually part of a service levels agreement with a chartered flight company if it is used on a regular basis.

Airplanes need insurance – whether they are standing in a hanger or flying. This insurance cost can be mind blowing and may break the bank should problems be encountered if not covered by insurance. The life of your crew will also be stacked under this insurance bill. It will include medical insurance as well as pension funds for when they finally retire from service.

Looking at the bigger picture, it should be clear why many people are selling up their planes and rather entrusting their travel pans to private charter airplane companies. Having a charter airplane ready for use, virtually at command seems just a better and more relaxed way of traveling, without the hassle of being an owner and employer too.

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