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Corporate Charters LLC offers charter flights for any length trip you can envision. If you are located in Rio and wish to travel to London, we are able to complete your trip for you. We offer itineraries that are detailed, for your perusal and approval as well as in flight customizable services to suit all of your needs. Some of the worlds’ most diverse and demanding businesses have used our charter flights to attend meetings and seal mergers on a tight schedule. Corporate Charters LLC offers charter flights to anywhere in the world, with no restrictions on times or days like public air transportation companies. You may pay a large sum for a ticket on a public air flight on Christmas Eve, but our company charges the same prices whether it is Christmas, Thanksgiving or just another Monday. Our company offers charter flights to any professional, business or individual that requests them without regards to the time of year, day or night.

You are able to reduce your travel time overall by using a charter flight. Charter flights allow you to take off whenever you choose, and you may even be able to land closer to your actual destination than with public flights. Public flights are required to land in specific air ports that they have contracts with, whereas in charter flights, you are able to land in smaller air fields that cater to the private flight sector. Another option with our chartered flight available is the opportunity to take advantage of in flight options. You could have cocktails, a meeting or a meal served during your flight just to name a few. By using a private flight, you are also able to avoid talking to passengers heading to your same destination. If you are looking for a secure and private environment in which to do business or simply relax and enjoy the flight, Corporate Charters offers you exactly what you are looking for.

Using a chartered flight, you no longer have to wonder if your luggage will arrive when you do. With many public flights, you have to wait in long lines to retrieve luggage that may or may not have followed your route. Using our company, your luggage rides with you, and is always on site and ready for collection when you land. Many public flight tickets include overall costs for many things you will never use, or even see for that matter. With our company, you only pay for what you use when it is used and not overhead costs for a large conglomerate. If you wish to keep your plans private, we will not disclose your itinerary to anyone and help to keep your trip confidential.

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