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Charter Jet Flights with Corporate Charters

Corporate Charters is a step above the rest of the competition when it comes to charter jet flights.  When you book your charter jet through Corporate Charters, you’ll receive quality and service that can outlast any competition.   Just the history of their business sets them apart from the rest of the private jet companies.  Founded nearly 10 years ago by a smart business woman, Debbie Marcellino has run the gamut in the travel industry.  Starting at the bottom, and working her way to the top, 25 years ago, she was a travel agent.  From there, she moved to working directly for an airline.  The service and customer care that she watched throughout her years made her realize not only could she offer better, but she could do it without the restrictions of the commercial carriers.  Out of that came Corporate Charters, this now can charter jet flights anywhere in the world for you and your clients needs.

The goal of Corporate Charters is to provide top-notch air travel service.  Take their expansive fleet of charter jet planes.  They have all kinds for you to choose from depending on the size of the party you plan on travelling with and what your needs are.  You’ll have a smaller jet for maybe a more localized trip and a larger one for your longer destinations or your larger parties.  All jets are equipped so that you have the privacy you need to hold a business meeting in the air, or sleep before you land at a certain destination.  You can get a gourmet meal or drinks on these charter jet flights, served by the most professional of staff.  Even better, you can customize everything to fit you, so if you need a certain type of snack or a certain type of liquor, they’ll be sure to have it on board for you.  It’s not like a commercial jet line where you’re simply at the mercy of the giant corporation.  With a charter jet, you’ll get exactly what you want, especially when choosing Corporate Charters.

So, whether you’re treating the company to a ball game out of state, or you’re taking your family on a vacation.  Or maybe you have the most important business trip of your career and you really need to impress the client, Corporate Charters will help you.  With their fleet of private jets that far outweighs the competition, the choice is easy.  Let Corporate Charters worry about the details, and take the stress out of travelling.  Even First Class on a commercial jet doesn’t mean squat.  If you need exceptional service and the guarantee of being on time, with your luggage, where you need to be there is no other choice to be made.  Corporate Charters private charter jet line will give you the quality you need and deserve.

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