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Before you book your flights with Corporate Charters LLC, you may want to check out their executive jets on their website corporatechartersllc.com. They have about thirty planes that you can choose from in four different categories. You can choose from a twin turbo, a small jet, a mid-size jet, or a large jet. Within these categories there are numerous planes that you can look at. If you know the size of the party that you are flying with, that is the first way that you want to start your search for the plane that will fit you. You will also want to weigh that decision with where you are traveling, how far it is, and how much you want to spend. Obviously, the larger the jet, the more it is going to cost. Below are a fe options that Corporate Charters LLC has in their fleet.

  • King Air 90

The King Air 90 is one of the four twin turbo prop planes that Corporate Charters LLC has to offer. These are not jets; they are smaller planes that operate with a prop instead of a jet engine. This plane can seat six people and does not have a bathroom on board. It is what a lot of people would consider a “puddle jumper” and will get you about 1300 miles at about 250mph.

  • The first of the executive jets are the small jets. In this category is the Citation V Ultra that is a very high class small jet. It can seat seven people comfortably, and it does have a full bathroom on board. It will take you about 1900 miles on one tank of gas at 427mph. It is a great little jet to get you a few states over quickly, and gives you more comfort than the turbo prop.

  • The mid-size jets start to hold more people at generally eight to ten. The Lear 45 is one of those jets, it can hold eight people. It has a full lavatory on board, and goes about 465mph. It can go about 2100 miles on one tank of gas and starts to get to the point where you can stand up on board. It is very well designed on the interior with a lot of space.

  • The large jets generally seat between ten to fourteen people. They are designed for a long distance trip. The Challenger 604 seats ten people, it has a full lavatory on board, and it goes about 450 miles per hour for 4000 miles, that will get you quite a ways. This jet was built for comfort and for speed and is a great option for people that are looking for big, comfortable executive jets.
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