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Ever Wondered What It is Like To Be Inside An Executive Jet?

Not all of us will have the privilege to experience seeing or traveling inside of an executive jet. But what makes these aircraft different from the aircraft we (plebeians) get to see and use? The secret lies in these personal carriers, in the way space is used to an optimum.

Many celebrities and business men who own a private plane purchased an empty shell when they started out. Together with interior planners and decorators, they then sat down and spoke about the functionality of the plane and what they must have. The way an Executive jet will be used usually depicts the style and contents of the interior design.

For aircraft which travel extensive distances such as in long-haul flights, sleeping quarters and bathroom facilities are generally number one in the design. Many passengers traveling long distances prefer to sleep a good eight hours to enable them to arrive at their destination fresh and well-rested.

Business men who prefer an office in the sky probably wouldn’t care much about large sleeping quarters, rather giving up this luxury for adequate space for meetings. The normal practice is to setup boardrooms and do a days work whilst traveling. However this doesn’t mean there is no place to put their feet up and relax.

Add a small cocktail bar with reclining seats, a movie screen, and passengers can take a few relaxing hours if and when needed. Along with the bar a small kitchen able serve anything from canapés to five course, five star meals. Choosing kitchen facilities on board may be just as important as selecting the seating arrangements.

Most meals in the sky are pre-prepared in a kitchen at a catering company and only reheated on the plane by microwave. This is important as no open flame can be used onboard an airplane and this could make cooking a problem, unless sashimi and steak tartar are to your tastes.  Choosing the right kitchen, ovens and storage facilities are very important when designing a personal executive jet.

The next aspect to look at is how many people they want the craft to be able to carry. Air force 1; probably the best known executive jet in the world carries a full contingent of staff, press and personal servants for the President of the US.  So they opted for a jumbo jet! From this mammoth plane, executive jets come down in size and capacity, and some carry as few as four people. Many of these are used by the Hollywood stars who own private planes.

Make no mistake even if this jet is only able to accommodate four passengers, it is more than likely for each traveler to have a private suite. These suites plus communal areas where they can all dine and relax together, starts with interior design; If the owner can afford this, they can afford to put in whatever their heart desires.

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