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Executive Charter Services Are on The Rise In Business and Celebrity Circles

The services of executive charter companies are becoming increasingly popular as the cost of flying seems to be permanently increasing.  Since 9/11 the frequent flyer profile of the world has changed quite dramatically, in that commuters regularly get landed with severe security checks, three hour boarding times and irregular flights.

For people who need to travel at the drop of a hat, the public transport system simply cannot provide the most efficient service. Many of these travelers are turning to companies which offer private flights to global destinations.

Boarding time is cut significantly, as well as the time spent in waiting areas, and luggage problems also become a thing of the past. With so many destinations in private plane reach, the clever traveler avoids unnecessary stop-over and link up flights, choosing rather to fly directly to their destination of choice.

Celebrities and actors also have serious problems getting through public airports, even if they are traveling first class. With the international paparazzi fast becoming an uncontrolled mob harassing people mindlessly, the option of traveling on executive charter simply make better sense.

Many have even opted for purchasing their own air craft, but soon realized owning an aircraft can be very costly, particularly if it is not in uses all the time. This has led to them selling their craft to private charter services, and also using them to help get from point A to B without the complications of actually owning an air craft.

Step into any executive charter and be welcomed into the lap of luxury with the finest of seating, ample space and the best of in flight entertainment and service. Special care is taken to add personal touches for regular clients making use the same service, and this is a very nice touch of class.

Pets get to travel in the same compartment on certain flights, and strangely enough this fact alone has brought a whole contingent of clients to executive charter. The care taken of each individual, man or animal on private flights can be measured to world-class hotel service standards. The personnel to client ratio often stands with on one on one service – something even a five star hotel cannot boast of.

In-flight meals of Michelin standards can be prepared by international chefs and served on the finest china. Many romantic dinners have taken place at 30 000 to 41 000 feet, not to mention the engagements, and even a wedding! Simply instruct the company with a wish list and they ensure travel in the style and luxury deserving of these requirements.

For many people private flying with executive charter is the only way to travel.  This sees the business growing into a force to be reckoned with. Public air travel companies are finding it more difficult to sustain high standards at relative pricing so why not spend a little extra and travel in genuine style?

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