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How Private Charters Can Save Money

Private charters can save a good deal of money when used in the correct circumstances. To understand this, one needs to understand the main difference between public transport and private airplanes for hire.

Commercial carriers book seats far in advance and these seats usually come at a discounted price, but closer to the actual departure date the seat prices can increase by shockingly huge percentages.

Businessmen who need to get to a destination quickly and on short notice more than likely always pay over extended fares to obtain a seat. This cost can be tremendous for frequent flyers who always travel at short notice to various destinations.

Destinations are limited to the routes which commercial carriers’ service. This means that connecting flights or alternative transport needs to be used to get to a final destination. Again, the cost factor can be hefty.

Private charters do just the opposite. They are always ready to fly wherever they are required, with the only limitation being the ability of the closest airport to accommodate their craft. Direct flying by this method saves substantial amounts of money on any extra connecting flights, taxis, rented cars, other travel methods, but most of all, time, and as we all know, time is money.

Short term notice does not affect the price as much as it does with commercial airliners. Rates are calculated to be inclusive and of a cost which everyone understands and agrees to in advance. Imagine the cost savings when business partners, colleagues, staff or even friends are taken along on the same rented private plane? Payment is made per flight and not per seat in most cases.

Sharing costs with other business people traveling the same route can also help travel budgets go a good deal further. Simply hop on and off as part of a flight or give a lift to another traveler who needs to use the same route. Again, top dollar gets put back on the bottom line where it belongs!

Direct travel by private charter has a roll over effect on secondary business travel costs. Apart from extra air and transport fares, the times spent in other accommodations such hotels are limited to a minimum. This is because arrival and departure times are planned according to the requirements of the traveler/s. This means travelers can sleep on the private charter and return the same day after having a great and hopefully successful meeting.

Savings can be quite substantial if a group of people from the same business need to travel. Although don’t forget about succession planning even though this form of travel is as safe as houses. Obtaining accommodation for every staff member traveling can cost as much as a commercial plane tickets. Why not rather enjoy the comforts of onboard service – with private charters this has already been paid for, so why waste it.

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