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Jet Rental Options

There are many jet rental options to choose from when traveling with Corporate Charters LLC. We offer you the chance to fly on your own schedule, regardless of what that schedule may be. You can reduce your travel time by using our jet rental, as there is no checking of luggage or waiting on other patrons to board the jet. We leave on your schedule and are ready to go when you are. Another of our jet rental options included, is that you may be able to land closer to your actual destination. With many public airlines, you have to go to specific air fields to land that may be farther away from your destination. Using our jet rental, we are able to take advantage of using smaller air fields that do not get as much public traffic, therefore getting you closer to your destination.

With our jet rentals, you do not have restrictions or additional premiums for traveling during peak seasons or times. If you want to take a trip to Maui in February, there are no additional costs for doing this than at any other time of the year. With many of our jet rentals, you are able to have in flight meetings to help save time. Quite a few of the jets offer space for this as well as audio and video equipment hook ups that may be required for your meeting. Renting a jet is much more affordable than fractional ownership options or buying public transportation tickets, therefore being more cost effective. With our rentals, you have free reign to complete your business without interference. Many large corporations purchase jets for company use, but there are always restrictions and the overall cost cuts back on the profit margin. Renting your jet when it is needed takes less from the profit margin and cuts back on overhead costs.

When renting a jet, you avoid layovers and lost luggage that are common factors in taking public air transportation. There are no long lines to wait in, no security hassles and metal detectors to wait in line for. You simply arrive at your predetermined time and board your jet to begin your trip. Most anyone can contact a public airline and get information about a passenger being on board. However, if you want to keep your plans confidential, your travel itinerary and plans are under lock and key with Corporate Charters LLC. We give no one the information unless you specify this is to be done. With our in flight services available to be customized to suit your needs, you will never want to fly in public transportation flights again. Come to the place where all professionals find comfort and fly with some of the best in the business.

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