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The Many Benefits Of Air Charter Travel

The unhappiest customer base in the world has to be the air traveler. No other consumer group has been put through so much in the last few years, and yet they took it all in stride, for the most part. They have endured multiple price hikes, tons of new fees, ridiculous security restrictions, and an ever-shrinking list of cities that the commercial airlines still service. Perhaps if more non-business travelers knew about air charter travel, they’d be happier, and their faith in air travel restored.

Usurping The Schedule

The average consumer who wants to fly commercially these days is completely at the mercy of the airlines for some time now. In addition to all of those exorbitant fees that they tack on every ticket, the biggest sphere of control that the airlines have stolen from the consumer is the ability to schedule flights when they want to. Not only are prices continually on the rise, the airlines capriciously blame needless budget cuts for restricting flights into all markets, sometimes completely eliminating them.

Critics might say that air charter travel isn’t much cheaper, but you also gain so much more that has been lost to the big airlines. The most important power of them all is the ability to control the schedule, with flights leaving when you need them to, and going where you need to go. No longer are you at the mercy of non-refundable fares and departures, not when friendly firms like Corporate Charters LLC are there to make sure the right connections get made.

Say Goodbye To Delays

Nowadays, when a major airline gets the majority of their flights grounded because someone hacked into their computers, you have to wonder exactly what they are spending all those profits on, obviously not security! The one thing you never have to worry about as much with air charter travel is ridiculous delays, unless the weather is the reason. Over the last few years, it has definitely proven to be the more reliable alternative.

Personal Service

There was a time when you could board a commercial jet and be shown to a comfortable seat, with plenty of room, without being in first class. The stewards always served you with a smile, and were very solicitous to your every need. Want to know what that is like today? You’ll have to fly air charter travel to find out.

Commercial flights now are just too crowded, too cramped to enjoy. On a chartered plane, you can move about at will, with plenty of room to relax, socialize, work or play, if you wish. Good catered food, and attendants that will spoil you, if you let them. With charters, the good old days never really left.


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