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The World of Private Air Transport

Public air transport is still expensive and, at the same time, waiting in long lines, hoping for last minute cancellations and dealing with lost baggage gives travelers endless nightmares. There is an amazing option available. It is significantly less expensive than owning an aircraft, but you will get to travel as if you own one. This magical solution is private air transport.

What Is Private Air Transport?

Private air transport refers to the use of private air charter companies. These companies own a number of small airplanes which are made available for people who want to maximize their traveling experience. It is commonly believed that private air transport costs a fortune. If you consider the value you get from the use of private air transport, you will find that the cost of chartering an airplane is very reasonable indeed.


Hospitality is given top priority in private air transport. You will have a small crew of flight attendants and stewards to attend to your every need and make sure you are comfortable. Unlike in a commercial flight, chartered flights will be able to give you a more personal service. You can have a menu of food and beverages of your choice on board. This is especially useful if you have a large party traveling with you. You can have special arrangements made in case you intend to use the in-flight time to host a party or to host a conference.


In high stakes business or politics, time is valuable. There are a many smaller airfields all over the country that can be used to land a private jet. This means that you can fly much closer to your actual destination in a private jet than you can in a commercial plane. Also, there is no waiting in long lines for security, and there is no need to waste time waiting for connecting flights.


Flexibility is paramount in private air transport. Imagine an emergency occurred just as you were leaving for the airport, and you could no longer make it to the flight on time. In commercial flying, you would probably have lost the money you paid for the ticket. Delays are easily handled by private air transport, along with accommodation of last minute flight plan changes.


There is no denying the luxury and comfort of flying in a private jet. The experience of flying in a private jet is incomparable to that of flying publicly. Private air transport has made it possible to actually enjoy the process of flying instead of just treating it as a means to get to another destination. Most private air transport companies provide limousine transportation with complimentary champagne. Different private air transport companies offer different perks and incentives that make traveling by air a memorable experience.

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