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What Does Air Charter Service Actually Mean?

Ever wondered what the term “air charter service” actually refers to? The most basic definition can be noted as: The process of renting an entire aircraft rather than booking a seat on a plane.

This basic explanation obviously can be implemented in a million different ways, but what it boils down to remains the same - freedom. You have an airplane to your own command whenever or more or less whenever it is required. For you to be able to say this onboard a public carrier, there is also a term used; it is called high-jacking, and this as you know is seriously against the law!

Having a plane to yourself means choosing where it will fly to and more importantly when! No longer to be subject to travel rosters where a tiny girl in a cheap suit tells you that you just missed the last flight out!!

Air charter service also mean the ability to divert travel mid-air should the desire come upon you. Plans change and you may no longer be needed at your destination, so simply ask the pilot to change course and head for some fun, on a public flight, again, this would also be known as high-jacking! You were going to be away anyway, so why not rather touch down a resort of your choice for a few days?

Another fantastic feature of having an entire plane to yourself with air charter service is that you simply do not have to tolerate any unruly or unwanted passengers. Simply refuse them to board your plane or should they start with nonsense during the flight, politely offer to drop them off at your closest airport, or offer them a parachute. You are the boss and will not tolerate any inconvenience on your plane.

Trying to impress that special person? Why not fly them in or out for a meal? Nothing says I love you quite like a private plane picking your love interest up and bringing him or her to within range of your romantic wiles. Even better, join them onboard and make a fantastic night to remember as you romance your lover amongst the stars.

Finally, why not throw a party in the sky?  Get a few friends together and fly off to the middle of nowhere whilst you enjoy a sit down dinner prepared by the chef of your choice. Your every wish can become a dream come true as you board your air charter. For the duration of your contract, perfect privilege is yours to enjoy, so make the most of it.

Life is short and money comes and goes, but an air charter experience to remember will be one of those moments in your life that will never be forgotten. Even long after you take up your personal wings and leave this earthly plane, people will still be talking about the man who ruled the skies and partied amongst the stars. Why do you think Sir Richard Branson likes it up there so much?

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