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Who Is Able to Book A Corporate Jet, and Why Would They?

Television and the film industry have given the corporate jet something of a glamorous image – luckily this is a positive image. Users of these exclusive aircraft are seen as successful individuals with money to spare who are used to only the best, and the best is what they get!

In a way this image is true, but the average user of these aircraft simply have a little less time to waste than others might and want to get their destination with the least of effort and time wasted. Hence the reasons for the popular use of a private jet amongst business and corporate individuals.

Boarding a private craft will take about a tenth of the normal time spent on public transport systems. Luggage clearance is automatic, almost immediately upon arrival, so again time is saved. The only aspect which may take time will be normal customs clearance procedures.

So back to our question – Who is able to book a corporate jet, and why would they?
The answer is simple. Any person may book passage on these aircraft at any time and enjoy all the many advantages associated with personal carriers. Recent safety warnings on public aircraft, especially traveling to or in the USA has seen private airplane bookings soar. Frequent flyers have become wary of using public air transport services.

Public figures prefer to travel alone, rather than go through the now three hour scanning, questioning and holding in waiting areas whilst paper work is being double checked. For them it is a nightmare to be confined in small spaces with large crowds. Luggage checks are also becoming extensive for public passengers, with waiting periods of up to two hours for luggage at peak times.

In business all this time is wasted as cellular phones are not allowed once in the holding area of many airports world-wide. The same may soon apply to laptops and other communication devices as airports erect electronic disruption barriers to stop the use of communication aids.

With private transport these hold-ups are avoided and passengers are airborne soon after arriving at the airport. The reach of some corporate jets also puts you within hours of many world-wide destinations with very little effort.

On board facilities allow work to be completed in peace, with all communication aids at the travelers’ disposal. Some jets boast beautiful and fully functional offices onboard, so not a single moment will be wasted in finishing that important presentation or simply catching up with the office.

Enquire about in-flight secretarial services; these can certainly be arranged to suit any needs and they regularly are. For the serious business man, the use of a corporate jet for travel needs simply makes sense as far as time saving and onboard functionality is concerned.

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