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Why Book A Corporate Jet?

Television and cinema have glamorized the image of a corporate jet as a tool of the rich and powerful.  Users of these exclusive aircraft are seen as successful individuals intent on having the best and most immediate services possible at any price.  The “jet set.”

While there is some “glamour” involved in using a corporate jet, most travelers have more pragmatic goals in mind.  Booking a corporate jet represents an enormous time savings, which is exactly why the practice has become popular among the business elite and those wishing to expunge the waste and hassle of ordinary travel.  Boarding a private aircraft takes about a tenth of the normal time spent on public transport systems, and baggage is almost automatically cleared with limited interruption.

The great news is that any person may book passage on these private aircraft at any time, and enjoy all the advantages of expedited travel. Frequent flyers may be significantly relieved to bypass the invasive security screening, the dreaded tarmac delays, the constant baggage mishandling, the swarming crowds, and the unfortunate price gouging.

Recognizable public figures prefer to travel alone, unrecognized, rather than go through the extensive pre-screening process and drawing a crowd.  Even inside a public plane, first class offers few comforts compared to the amenities of a corporate jet.  Despite the added leg room, there is no escaping the talker, the snorer, the boozer, the occasional crying child, the boarding stampede, and other distractions that will inevitably occur in first class.  For any traveler, including the most casual vacationer, there is the constant nightmare of being confined to a small space for a long time, with a crowd of strangers.

Corporate jets give a reprieve from the confines and disruptions of public travel, as well as the seemingly arbitrary restrictions imposed by public carriers.  The continual powering on and off of electronic devices during takeoff and landing is often an interruption in the business process that creates inefficiency and redundancy.  Corporate jets promote efficiency by allowing, and even providing, elaborate communications equipment.  Offices, meeting rooms, and secretarial services are often available for travelers who want the most customized service.

Corporate jets are not for any particular jet-setting crowd, but rather this mode of travel is for anyone who wants the convenience of efficiency, comfort, and privacy.  Frequent fliers, business executives, public figures, and even casual travelers can all benefit by using corporate jets.  Corporate jets are for anyone who wants to book them.

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