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  • Predictable costs.  You will receive a quote prior to the trip and one invoice that is easy to understand. 
  • Faster service. Tell us when and where and we can get you out the door and on your way faster than a fractional because we have access to a larger range of availability. For example, a Charter Broker can assist in supplemental lift for many flight departments and have many times rescued fractional owners that are stranded at an FBO due to mechanical failures or late show from many various fractional providers and be their typically in a 2 hour response time.
  • No Capital Cost, No Monthly Management fee, No Occupied Hourly rate and/or additional hidden costs for not staying within the many parameters of your several different lengthy agreements.
  • Friendly Personal Service.  We frequently meet and greet our Cleveland passengers.  We also provide flight following services to your staff.  We will also handle any catering and ground transportation requests.  
  • No Confusion, No Hassle
  • Fly anywhere – not restricted to Prime Service Area boundaries.
  • A very complicated maze of agreements and contracts is involved with becoming a fractional or card program owner.  Hidden costs in Fuel Surcharges. Interchanges can be costly and not guaranteed to provide you with equal or better aircraft each time you fly.
  • Your statement will most likely be difficult to comprehend; for example the invoice is on a cycle that dates back over the past month and has many facets to research in depth and is typically higher than you had predicted.
  • As the aircraft looses it values over the course of the next five years, the residual value of the aircraft decreases.  The buyout could be surprisingly low depending on the year aircraft you purchased.  You could receive a fraction of your money back. 
  • If your aircraft is late or has a last minute mechanical problem, you may be delayed longer because fractional providers will search their entire fleet and the logistics involved to see if they can complete the mission.  Meanwhile, Corporate Charters can streamline the process and usually respond quicker.   
  • Restricted to Prime Service Area boundaries in most programs.
“Corporate Charters has been a superior resource for our organization for over 10 years . They have always met the tightest of time constraints with ease. Their professionalism and knowledge of our organization, its needs and the demands of our executives schedules have made them an excellent provider of on demand aircraft charter services.”

Mary, Jet Program Administrator, Cleveland, Ohio

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